LATAM Market arrives to Ecuador on domestic flights

Mercado LATAM a Ecuador
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2 Replies

  1. Jorge Tenorio dice:

    Dear Readers,
    On Friday 14 July, I had the opportunity to fly with Latam in UIO-GYE-UIO route, departing on the flight at 6:30 and returning at 22:30, in my opinion the average occupancy was 95 %, on board I noticed that there are outlets for credit card (Datafast) and every seat has a magazine with the same content presented in this issue by Nicholas, in any of the two sections a sale of the products was made , the crew mentioned "Latam market" and requests that are interested bell to be treated in his seat, but do not insist more, which I think is excellent, I could see that my companions reviewed in detail the magazine with the products, but no one dared to buy one, including myself, in my case, in the first leg was very early and preferred to wait to be on land to enjoy my full breakfast, and in the second case was satisfied food, do not seem to me elevated Preci I, I think that if at some point is unbearable hunger will encourage me to buy one.
    Now, it is assumed that with this the ticket prices were down, and they did, but not as I expected, the reduction has been roughly $ 10 As customer my first analysis is that the candy was previously offered It costs $ 10 !!, well we know that does not work well, however if you spend the same 10 rebate on "the lunchbox" definitely eat better than before, but remember: you do not have checked baggage and seat selection, for me, this particular trip these parameters were not important, as it was business, but if my trip is tourism, sure if they will be important and investment believe that exceeds $ 10 to have baggage and seat selection, I think and this will depend on the reality of every traveler.

    • Nicolás Larenas dice:

      Hola Jorge, muchas gracias por tu detallado reporte sobre Mercado LATAM. Es importante lo que indicas sobre el costo, se esperaba una reducción mayor sí, pero también las condiciones de impuestos en Ecuador dificulta tener precios inferiores cómo se ha dado en otros países.

      Veamos cómo evoluciona esto y si las otras también ajustan sus tarifas para adaptarse a este nuevo concepto.

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