Historic airlines: Ecuatoriana de Aviación

Ecuatoriana de Aviación
One of the striking Boeing 707 landing in Quito Ecuador. Photo unknown author.
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12 Respuestas

  1. Adrián Mejía dice:

    A cordial greeting. Excellent reportage of the history of our nation's representative firm, Ecuador. Memories that come to mind when you watch them fly. I hope to publish the story of SAN SA

  2. Mauricio Heredia dice:

    There are some very good initiative impresiciones but hopefully some day return Ecuador.

  3. Diego Bravo dice:

    Excellent!!! I love these kinds of stories ... go ahead please !! It's my favorite post !!! Photos are also very good !!

  4. Carlos dice:

    Great detail and accuracy thanks Nicholas for this historical analysis of Ecuador. And as you said Adrian, be attentive to read the stories of SAN, Saeta, Tao, Saereo, etc ...

    Best regards,

    Carlos Fernandez.

  5. Mauricio Heredia dice:

    Aircraft Ecuador were not painted by Guayasamin the first two el.imbabura and Galapagos were painted by bolivar Mena and frank about los.lookeed were never actually leased and there were no resources to do so, usually leases in the 90s is made them with lacsa.

  6. Alberto dice:

    Volé una vez con Ecuatoriana cuando ya era de Vasp desde Buenos Aires a Miami vía Guayaquil. Excelente vuelo tanto a la ida como a la vuelta. A la vuelta la escala era larga y nos llevaron a un hotel 5 estrellas con todo pago. Eso creo que también contribuyese a que no den los números. Excelente post.

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