San Cristobal Island Airport in Galapagos

San Cristobal Island Airport in Galapagos

Welcome to San Crist Island Airportóball and Galápaid, the second main passenger terminal of the ArchipiéEnchanted Islands lake. In this post we will talk about the characteristicsíairport statics, clue, control tower, terminal, aerolídenies, flights, companies that ahí operate and más.

How did I talkíWe have advanced specials on flights to Galápayments of Avianca-Ecuador, LATAM Ecuador and Tame EP, we give hereí start to the special on Gal Airportsápayments with the first delivery starring the San Crist Island Airportóbal.

Hereí you can read a Flight report flying from San Cristóbal a Galápaid.

San Crist Island Airportóball and Galápaid

The airport San Cristóbal  (THERE IT IS: SCY, ICAO: SEST) is the second in sizeñor of the Islands and has a landing strip and takeoffs 1.840 meters long by 30 meters of pavement width with numberingón and addressón 17/35 and is located at an elevationón of 19 meters above sea level.

San Cristobal Galapagos island airport runway
San Cris Airport Runwayóbal, your earring is noticeable.

Remodeled in theñO 2014 with a labor cost of $7.4 millions, It has an area of 3.842 m2 of terminal which was completely rebuilt and expanded, t blockécynical of 300 m2 next to a platform of 2000 m2 with capacity to receive at the same time 3 airplanes weather airbus 320 O 5 Britten Norman Islander aircraft.

San Crist Island Airportóball and Galápaid
San Crist Airport platform and terminalóbal.

SpaghettiéI don't know betteró at víairport access, repoweringón of the aircraft firefighter hangaráutics and parking.

San Crist Island AirportóBal Galácontrol tower payments
SpaghettiéI don't know betteró and repoweró the control tower

Among the general improvements made to the airport are, among other, ábaggage control and delivery areas, information screensónumber of flights, access systems áRestricted areas with magnetic cardséethics, new offices for aerolílines and cargo handling, commercial premises, implementationón of fixed internet and WiFi networks, fire-fighting system and air conditioning in administrative and airport control offices.

Migrationón San Cristobal airportóBal Galápaid
Immigration control zone for access to the Gal Islandsápayments in San Crisóbal

The Airport seeks to be the mostás nature friendly possible, that is why the áreas púwarships do not have air conditioning, but they have been specially designedñdesigned to guarantee a constant air flow that allows excellent ventilation.ón, a fresh and c atmosphereómode for passengers and workers. High ceilings and “air intakes” to maintain ventilationón and temperature.

San Cristobal Airportóbal Galapagos
Large passenger departure lounge.

Stadiumísticas San Cristobal Airportóbal

Currently, San Crist Island Airportóbal receives approximately 60 weekly inter-commercial flights, private, military and inter-islands.  The trádaily figure reaches 600 passengers or más himselfún the día and the season.

EMETEBE Galáinter-island air taxi payments
Inter-island flights are main airport operators in núgroup of operations.

During the 2016, San Cristobal Airportóbal abarcó the 22% of the trácommercial shipment to the Gal Islandsápaid, what represents 48.087 passengers between national and international, during this sameñor airport transportationó 141.508 passengers.

Due to the earthquake 2016 en Ecuador continental su affectó se sintió in the islands,  San Cristóbal presentó a decreaseón of the -5.93% of passengers received, which implies that 3.029 passengers stopped flying to this island.

The route between Isabela islands – San Cristóbal is the route with the greatest demand in the Archipelago with 5.108 passengers transported during theñO 2016.

Regarding the Ecuadorian commercial air market, the Guayaquil route – San Cristóbal occupies fifth place in trácool with 201,430 passengers transported during theñO 2017 Based on the study published on the market toéprisoner of Ecuador.

The companies that hereí operate are:

Aerolídenies, flights and itinerary

Son 3 the aerosolsícommercial lines that fly from Quito and Guayaquil to San Cristóbal. It is important to indicate that this Island does not have direct flights from mainland Ecuador and all operate with a stopover in Guayaquil..
The flights and itineraries of each airlineíYou can find them hereí:

San Crist Island AirportóBal Galápaid
Large area of ​​Fly Galapagos passenger check-in counters, Avianca, LATAM Ecuador and Tame.
San Crist Island AirportóBal Galápaid
Attentionón to the customer of the 3 aerolícommercial lines that hereí operate.

Informationón turnístick of San Cristóbal

San Cristobal Islandóbal is the one that más to the west is the archipélake and máIt's close to the continent tooén, and it is one of the islands máold s. A surface 550 km2, on pico más high stands just 730 meters high.

It has a populationóapproximate n of 6000 people and the capital of Galápaid, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, is found thereí. It is the island más féuseful of all since it has its own freshwater tributaries, rare in Galápaid.

San Cristobal Island airport aerial view photos
Beautiful view oférea de San Cristóbal before landing.

Rich for its variety of flora and fauna (frigates, sea ​​lions, red footed boobies, iguanas, seagulls, albatross and turtles) únicos de Galápaid, San Cristóbal is a coveted tourist spotíideal for those who want to know the islands and live an experience úunique in the world.

San Crist Island Airportóbal Galapagos location
The Airport joins the nature of the area.

Its locationón geográLocated near important visiting points, over time it has become one of the obligatory stops for local and foreign visitors.. Life in San Crisóbal passes in a relaxed way and its inhabitants are friendly to all the thousands of weekly visitors who arrive from Ecuador.

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  1. Hello Nico, how cool that you do a report on the airport of the island where I live and work., but the downside of the friendly part sq n the hot season (December-May) we all complain because there is no ventilation and the passengers complain the most since they get on the planes completely wet from sweat, but from there all of us who work either in airlines or indirectly do our best because the passengers get the best impression and return

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    It is nice to read your detailed report on air movement to and from San Cristobal. What I met is nothing like what you show . congratulations Nico. Good job and commitment to publicize details of the Insular territory.

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