Como é voar com Arajet?

Volar arajet como es experiencia servicio comida aviones boeing 737 max vuelo vuelos destinos rutas santo domingo republica dominicana

Nicholas Larenas

Correspondente aeronáutico com mais de 12 anos de experiência no setor de aviação para mídia internacional. Mestrado em Gestão e Administração Aeroportuária e Aeronáutica - Técnico Multimedia.

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  1. pachi lagare diz:

    ansioso para viajar para a Colômbia no próximo ano, this was helpful to my research!

  2. Senhor. Samuel diz:

    Em 13 de setembro, my wife and I was heading to Dominica Republic to celebrate a wedding. I checked into my flight via online prior to heading to the SJO airport. Upon arriving 4-6 late the representative refused to check my luggage in (1 hour prior to the flight). After requesting to speak to his manager, she (the manager refused to speak with me) and my wife and I was denied from boarding our flight. The next flight being 2 days later, I was offered to opportunity by the rude representative to change the reservation to that flight. I declined as getting to the wedding ASAP was the main priority. We called Arajet customer service, all day, finally a representative advised my wife we would get a full refund due the matter within 10-15 business days. That time went and no refund, so we followed up, only to be advised that nothing was done, and they (Arajet) will only refund the taxes on the tickets! We requested numerous times to speak or have a manager contact us however each request was declined.
    Not only we where inconvenienced and incurred costs for this matter, the airline did not once apologized for their staff behaviour (calling airport security on me, accusing me of taking a picture of him) but they didn’t even do the right thing by refunding us our $800 cafajeste. On a scale of 1-10, This airline gets at ZERO for customer service. They lack integrity and accountability! As a business owner myself, do you the right thing by your customers because it’s the right thing to do. Both the Representative at the check-in counter and his manager should be FIRED! Employees like this can and will sink any company’s reputation swiftly.


    excelente serviço

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